End ; beginning

Let me in, I need to tell you why we’re here. Tell me where you left the key so I can throw it away.

I’m packing all my things, getting ready for the sun to fill the room with┬ádarkness.

Things are getting warmer but I’m still freezing inside. I don’t know why I got here, I’m not even sure I tried.

But now that we know that I’m here, let’s lay down in the grass and focus on the wind. The wind is the only consistent and consisting thing in my life. Right now

The thoughts I had written down on my old phone, meant so much to me. But now I got a new phone. Now they’re forgotten.

Now imagine a train there’s burning and running down the hill.
The grass is green, the sky is blue.

It’s cold outside. Things happen to your mind.
When it’s cold in the morning, like ten o’clock or something, it’s also light. The darkness is out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Now despite this light, my breath is frozen.
It’s laying still. Peacefully, in the air right in front of my eyes.
Everything stands still. Even the train.

Between all these thoughts, and all the changing people, there’s still something that hasn’t changed. The weather.
My breath is still freezing. And please notice the increasing amount of demons. The smoke is getting thicker, now the demons can hide. Now my vision is blurred. The next morning I couldn’t see anything.
And I …